The Dream Is Alive…

Indian Space Dreams is a Broadcast ‘Hot Pick’ at MIP. Directed by Sue Sudbury at Sequoia Films with Richard Melman Producing and André Singer Exec Producing for Spring.

“Indian Space Dreams hits Mipcom as demand booms for stories about the Asian super-state, which is set to overtake China as the world’s most populous country, according to UN projections. India is emerging as a global economic force and with that has come its entry into the space race.

The documentary, which is part science story and part cultural and social observation, follows a team of scientists in Mumbai as they prepare to launch the country’s first astronomical satellite. Their mission began in 2001, and the doc follows them over the final six years of the project up to launch.

TVF International (TVFI) head of acquisitions Will Stapley says it is the first time a film crew has gained access to an Indian space mission – a key selling point for buyers to consider.”

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