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As the number of people using food banks in Britain continues to rise, it is sometimes easy to forget that there are real human beings behind the statistics. In this short animated film, people talk openly about their desperation and feelings of shame at having to use one, as they struggle to keep their ‘heads above water’.

“a fine film that, with originality and great sensitivity, tells a shocking story” – Ken Loach
“a compelling and ingenious way to tell a story that needs to be told” – RTS jury
“an important story told with style and compassion” – Best Shorts Competition jury
“a very well put together film…incredibly refreshing to hear from individuals” – AHRC jury

With many thanks to Bournemouth University for financial assistance in the making of this film.

Xue Han

Charlie Mott

Shiyu Zhao

Picture editor
Vitor Vilela

Sound editor
Laura Irving

Sound designer
Gary Hayton

Producer and Director
Sue Sudbury